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Buro Business of the Center profits from an exceptional geographical location. Located in the middle of an important motorway network, near the strategic cities and historic buildings.

Indeed, one of the many historic buildings is the Bridge Channel of the Center which is opened with navigation since 2002, the ship lift of Strépy-Thieu is already part of our heritage; its modernity will be always an object of fascination for the future generations.

Initially, with its 117 meters in height and its 73.15 meters of repurchase of unevenness, there will remain most probably still a long time the largest ship lift in the world, then because the technology put in work symbolizes the know-how of the Belgian Civil engineer of 20th and 21st centuries.

Lastly, because this colossal investment in the water way will prove precursory in the long term in term of development of another loader-gate for our goods, softer and more respectful of the environment.

The offices

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If your activity does not claim a permanent office, you can use the addresses of Buro Business of the Center.

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Offices equipped

Buro Business of the Center proposes to you many workspaces adapted to the configuration of your structure.

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Meeting room

Buro Business of the Center allows you of organier your meetings or others in ergonomic and super rooms equipped.

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